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Re: AREVA FRA-93 construction

Posted: 10/03/2010, 17:47
by chris vaes
Hello Joey and Claudio,

Yes its me, my website is on and off, I am not a wiz kid with this stuff.
you can always mail me through info'at'

Anyway, Joey, is there a hull available of this Areva?



Re: AREVA FRA-93 construction

Posted: 11/03/2010, 4:22
by joey
Hey Chris,

Unfortunately, my plug did not survive taking the hull from the mould. So this is going to be an one-off.

I think the italian guys are selling hulls though;

Cheers, Joey

Re: AREVA FRA-93 construction

Posted: 29/10/2010, 20:28
by MartinL
Hey Joey,

So, what's the status of the AREVA Fra 93?
Always nice to see another Dutchy building an AC!

In Dutch:
Misschien eens leuk om ervaringen uit te wisselen.
In Nederland eens zeilen?