main sail head

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main sail head

Postby stripedlightning » 12/12/2011, 7:11

looking at the main sail head. how is the aft section of the sail head kept horizontal and not sag under it's own weight. i've noticed in some pictures and videos of what appeare to be battens but they don't look like they would be strong enough for the loads and weight. is there some sort of HARD head material attached within the sail head material that supports the load.

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Re: main sail head

Postby matthias72 » 12/12/2011, 11:06

Our "square" sails are very performing. Every sindicate has different one, it depends on the sails maker. By the way they works using carbon battens flexible and strong. Of course it is not easy to make a efficent square head mainsail and it is not easy to adjust.

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Re: main sail head

Postby Gravitar » 13/12/2011, 15:47

SO far I have used a plastic batten, cut from a sheet of thin styrene. I do not like my solution. I have seen, and will try next, some piano wire under sticky-back dacron for the head.

My first set of sails had nothing, and indeed, It folded over all the time down wind. I had a seam of moderate camber.

Top seam camber can also make or break a fat headed sail :-)

On my second set, I tried an agressive camber on the top seam. That set did not see the water, as I was not happy with that setting.

Now on my third set, I am back to a moderate camber, but I think my batten is a little heavy. I will try the wire next.


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