IACC 120 Projects
Basically to build a IACC120 you need to download one of the projects that you like, then you have to print to a plotter or a printer A3 (R. Chiesa projects are also in A3), and then paste them on a 4mm plywood. At this point, cut with a saw various ribs and pasted on a board, all at the same distance as planned. Once this is done, cover them with the plating of strips of linden wood or balsa glued, 5-7mm wide by 2-3mm thick. Once all plastered and smoothed to perfection, reinforced the inside with fiberglass (glass cloth resin + hardener) so that you finish the Master fostro wood. With this Master we will build the mold for the hull: brush with polyvinyl alcohol (release agent) and there cutlery above 3 layers 300g/m2 of fiberglass cloth impregnated very well with epoxy resin hardener. When all is hard (about 48 hours) will separate from the Master of fiberglass and you'll end your first mold! Now you are ready to implement all the hulls will want: sprinkle the inside of polyvinyl alcohol or wax release agent and there lying inside or one / two layers of carbon fabric from 200g/m2, or several layers of glass fabric which is less expensive carbon (50g/m2 + 100g/m2 + 100g/m2 + 100g/m2), and Moisten the whole of epoxy resin. After 72h separate the hull from the mold, cut the excess fabric and you will have your first and lightweight hull. The deck of the boat will be made stretching of the fabric of glass or carbon on a flat surface and then cut with the correct shape and then, once glued inside the boat all its components, with the bridge is closed the whole. Once the bridge is well glued you will find that the hull, before a little soft, becomes a rigid structure. For details of construction refer to the tutorial for more tips and Renato Church IACC 120 forum where you are welcome!
------------------------------------------------------- Projects:
Tutorial to build a IACC120 sailboat by Renato Chiesa.

Renato Chiesa BMW Oracle Racing USA-98 ****NEW****

Renato Chiesa Luna Rossa ITA-45

Renato Chiesa Moro di Venezia ITA-25

Renato Chiesa Alinghi SUI-100

Renato Chiesa Mascalzone Latino ITA-99

Renato Chiesa Fly Emirates New Zealand NZl-92

Renato Chiesa +39 Challenge ITA-85

Claudio Diolaiti-Luca Nardo America 3 USA-23

Claudio Diolaiti Areva FRA-93

Claudio Diolaiti Luna Rossa ITA-94

Claudio Diolaiti China Team CHN-95

Claudio Diolaiti Young America USA-36

Claudio Diolaiti servos, keel and rudder

Renato Chiesa Alinghi SUI-64
ATTENTION ! The R. Chiesa SUI-64 projects do not includes the volumes offered by the Appendices that shall be added to the nominal 4000g as such, including eventual ballasts, to reach the 4500g required by the AC120 Rules - The minimum Sail Surface shall be 73dmē and the maximum Draft shall be 420mm.